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Connected for Ukraine
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Over het team
We have a small team of enthusiastic people who want to contribute.



Connected for Ukraine aims to bridge Breda with Ukraine, and it is not possible without 'Breda people'. We are looking for people who would like to contribute their knowledge, experience, skills, energy, time, ideas and inspiration. We value every contribution.
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Dit is wat je gaat doen

Marketing manager will be part of the board working on developing the foundation and bridging Breda with Ukraine. Connected for Ukraine is in the setting up process, therefore, marketing manager will be responsible for raising awareness for the foundation with the support from the board.
Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
- designing website
- developing social media content
- raising awareness
- keeping channels up-to-date

Wie ben jij en wat krijg je

You would like to develop marketing skills; you are ready to take responsibility and take on the challenge of being part of the board. You want to be involved in setting up the foundation from the scratch. Most importantly, you believe in the idea of contributing other than financially. You are eager to contribute your knowledge, experience, energy and time (few hours per week).

You get the opportunity to be involved in setting up the foundation, develop your own marketing campaign and apply all your knowledge and skills in the real world.

Over deze organisatie

Connected For Ukraine is a volunteer initiative for Ukrainians in Breda. Everything we do, we believe in the power of individuals connected for the same reason. We believe in the idea of contributing other than financially... time, knowledge, experience, idea, inspiration, feedback... Connected for Ukraine is all about Individuals helping Individuals. Our mission is to bridge Breda with Ukraine.

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